It's still hard to me to write about Steve Jobs, if I start to think about the last 5 years of my life I find my self crying with a twirl of sadness and happiness.

I'm feeling that I must to pay more than a single tribute to Steve Jobs, I want to disseminate this tribute to more than a single post. So this is the deal, I want to talk a little bit about my idea with this tribute and start doing this.

The Image

This image, created by a student (Jonathan Mak Long) early this week became a symbol, an epic symbol and at the same time a tribute to Steve Jobs.

Tribute created by Jonathan Mak Long

This image is so amazing, it have hundreds of implicit significations and many subliminal values. But I don't want to start a philosophical discuss about this. Just one thing I want to talk about is the first thing that this image make me remember.

I started to search how this image could be created and I found these two images:

They are good as well, but still far from the Long's image. So, I found this another one:

Good, this image is more closest to what the Long's image brings to my mind: Steve Jobs on the stage. It's the strongest memory in my mind. Everyone knows how advanced was his rhetoric skills, how many implicit values and messages Jobs could put in one single sentence. His words reflect his way to think and his way changed everything. So, the great visionary that Steve Jobs was were reflected in their presentations and the Long's image makes me remember that.

Finally, I found another image, a real photo, this one:

So, the Long's image is the next step in this chain. I don't know if the Jonathan Mak Long had this idea in his mind, of also represent the Jobs' life on the stage. The point is that it comes to my mind when I saw the Long's image. So, the new "Apple Logo" from Jonathan Mak is absolutely amazing under all points of view, I want to use it!

The Text

I heard this week: "We lost our john Lennon, we lost our hero". This is true. Today all my life is around what the Steve Jobs did. I have macs on my work and at home, my phone is Apple, I play games on iPads, the last gift I gave to my wife was an iPod, we watch movies on an AppleTV, I teach Apple technology, everyday in my life I work/think in iOS APPs.

The changes that Steve Jobs made goes much beyond the technology. The Jobs' legacy opened some whole new markets, with thousands companies working on it around the globe everyday, by the way, my daily job is on one of those companies. Steve Jobs really made millions of jobs around the world.
One of my first advertisements. (Click to enlarge)
I'm graduated in Publicity & Advertising and I always was in love with Apple computers. Not for coincidence, this image at the left was the first advertisement I made in my life, about 8 years ago. Today, more than ever, nowadays this image is really true! Everything fits into our pockets, thanks to Steve Jobs.

5 years ago I was an ActionScript developer (Flash), but I hated that, because we can't create great 3D on Flash (even today with Stage3D/Molehill, Flash developers can't do the same as iOS can). With iOS I found myself! I found a place to put everything I know, to make great animations, great graphics, to think psychologically in the content and produce amazing user experiences. And the truth is, without Jobs, I could never find my place in this world.

We felt ourselves comfortable knowing we could focus on what we love, because there was one person on the backstage, that was thinking in "one more thing" that will change the day of tomorrow again. But now, this guy is dead...

But he showed to us the path, now we all know that everyone can change the world if they are "crazy enough to think they can change the world". I want "to stay hungry, to stay foolish". The Jobs death is not the end, it's just the beginning of a new era, as he was used to say: a dot that we'll connect only in some years when we look back, it's impossible to understand the magnitude of this dot right now. The Jobs' death is a dot in the history of the mankind.

The Tribute

So I want to do something, more than a simple tribute to Steve Jobs, I want to change something in my life now that will reflect my gratitude to the Jobs' legacy. So, here is the symbol of this change, here is the deal:

From now and forever in my life, every post, every topic, every article, every single tutorial I make, I'll finish with the following signature.

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