Hello my friends,

After long months, just waiting for a single day, was a long wait, I know, but today the things will change a little bit. Today is THAT day.

After working through the nights, polishing every piece of code, thinking and rethinking routines... finally IT is here!

I'm very very happy to announce that NinevehGL is HERE!

Ladies and Gentlemen

With a great pleasure, let me introduce you the NinevehGL!

Keep it Simple

You know me, I'm so bored with many web sites, softwares, 3D engines and technologies that make our life a hell with their docs (or the absence of docs), poor tutorials, complex setups, complex API or even worst... they are paid! God Dammit!!!

  • So, let's try something different, something simple! Starting with the web site: nineveh.gl, just it, simple and easy.
  • What about tutorials or docs? Very simple: http://nineveh.gl/docs/tutorials/, video tutorials!
  • Long time to learn? Maybe… what do you think about just 30 min? 10 videos, 3 min each one. Sounds good?

Awesome features

There are many cool features in NinevehGL. But I think 3 are the "Killer Features":

  • OpenGL ES 2.0 (Programmable Pipeline): It uses the newest OpenGL ES version. More power, faster, lighter, better and shaders! With NinevehGL you can use all the power of the shaders and programmable pipeline.
  • Import directly from 3D softwares! NinevehGL doesn't need plugins or special 3D formats to import your files! Make use of Wavefront OBJ files or COLLADA files (all 3D softwares export one of them). NinevehGL is ready to import them.
  • Made with pure Objective-C (Obj-C)! Yes, as an iOS developer, when I use OpenGL I expect to see Obj-C code, not C++ or C. NinevehGL is purely made with the native iOS language. Classes and routines follow all the Apple/Cocoa Touch guidelines.

Well, another great thing about NinevehGL is that it's FREE! A 3D engine for iOS totally FREE!

This is a short post just to tell you about this great news. I hope you like it.

See you, guys!

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