My name is Diney Bomfim.
I grew up in Sao Paulo, Brazil. Actually the 3º biggest city in the world. I forged my character and soul in the chaos of this megalopolis.

I'm graduated in advertising and computer science, so I love the digital world and the arts. The advertising skills drove me to Neurolinguistic (NLP) and this one made me realize the magic happening behind the human being. My life's goal is to make something bigger than me. If I'm able to change the human history just a little bit to something better, my life will have been worthwhile.

I found in development the way to express my self to the world, the way to change things to better. Developing for more than 15 years now, I found a company that has similar thoughts to mine and that I really believe, that's is why I love Apple and why I'm a 3D iOS Developer.

Today, my specialities are:

  • Objective-C and C/C++
  • OpenGL and OpenGL ES
  • 3D Maths and 3D Games

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